The Wretched

Nin joined the great march to the east. There he walked among the old, the sick and the hungry. Rabbits of all castes and creeds and colours. It was a great mass moving as one, and in their hearts they were one. Their shared suffering had overridden all former divisions, now they all belonged to one group: the vanquished.

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Nin and Faith / Nin and Doubt (2)

“Let me explain my thoughts on the matter,” said Nin. But he found this difficult, as he wasn’t entirely sure what his thoughts on the matter were.

He hopped around for a minute until he had a reasonable starting position: “I think that people who try to justify their belief in god with evidence are fundamentally mistaken in their endeavour. Faith implies a lack of evidence—and the search for evidence implies that, deep down, the so-called believer still has his doubts.”

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