The Wisdom Trap

“Wisdom Trap.” Nin had used this phrase before, had thought the words to be true, but he didn’t yet have a proper, tangible, working definition. It tingled just outside his perception, his mind grasped for it, but he could not see it clearly.

Nin decided to ruminate on these words—his words—and decide for himself what he meant.

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Dead Rabbit Wisdom

Nin was hopping along one day when he came across a great black raven. The raven was sitting over the corpse of a rabbit, poking and prodding at it with his instruments.

“What are you doing?” asked Nin. He was concerned to see the dead body of a brother desecrated so brazenly.

“Why, I’m learning about rabbits,” replied the raven. “By dissecting this rabbit I am learning how it works. The muscle groups, the organs, the arteries and so forth—rabbit nature, if you will. Come and see.”

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