Welcome to my webzone. Pardon the dust, this site is still a work in progress. Here is a list of my projects:

A rabbit on a pilgrimage; short stories and parables on the nature of violence and the search for wisdom.

A novella about a dark Knight, a beautiful Princess and the understanding between them.
(In Progress)

Latest Posts:

Chapter Fifteen: Penthesilea

The sound of leaves echoed in his ear. With every step and stride they crunched beneath his heel, with every gust of wind they rustled, shaken from their trees.

Chapter Fourteen: Two Short Conversations

She sat under the sacred fig tree. The clouds drifted lazily above, the butterflies danced, a solitary ant crept across the lacquer face of the Princess’s birdhouse.

Chapter Thirteen: The Waif and Her Brother

She took his hand in hers and led him up the garden path. “I had persuaded the Prince to give up the fight, if but for a day,” the Knight said to her, “but a Prince is a tenacious thing, and I knew his wish for a Princess-bride had not diminished.”

Addendum – Escalation

Once, near the end of winter, Nin visited a populous, bustling, successful warren. He had heard many great tales of the warren’s wealth and splendour. And when he visited the burrow, he indeed saw these things – intricately carved tunnels, gilded floors, fresco walls.