Nin is a rabbit on a pilgrimage. There’s a truth that beats within his heart, a truth that Nin can’t even describe. If he could but just attach a name to this truth, it could mean the salvation of all rabbit-kind.

He travels the world, meeting strange creatures with curious customs, learning their ways—all in hopes of uncovering this truth behind all truths, the secret behind all secrets.

Short tales from the life of Nin.

Nin the Seeker is a meditation on compassion, violence, and the pursuit of wisdom. It ran from May 2018 to December 2019. It began with sporadic updates, but soon became a weekly series, totaling 71 short episodes.

Below is a sample of a few of Nin’s adventures, simply click to read. To view the complete series, I highly recommend Wattpad or Royal Road, both of which provide an easy, ‘bookish’ reading experience. Alternatively, you can view the WordPress Archive (which is unfortunately listed newest to oldest).

Nin in the Desert

“The desert will play tricks on you, it will deceive you, it will kill you,” said the first retainer. “This is the desert of lies. Do not enter, it will be the death of us.” Nin looked out over the level sands and felt the little truth that beat within his heart. “But I must.”

Lessons (3)

“One day the truth will be so remote that you will resent it for even existing,” said the demon. “When that time comes, little princeling, seek me out and I will tell you the truth behind truths; the secret that lies buried at the heart of the world.”

Permissible, Prudent, Proactive and Just

A semi-circle of rabbits sat in front of a smouldering coal that someone had stolen from a nearby farm. They’d taken a leaf of dried tobacco and set it over the coal, filling the hall with a heady scent. They were pacifists, extremists who eschewed all violence, even self-defence. Nin—the traveller, the seeker—had come to […]

Nin Meets the Bluebird

When Nin reached the top of the mountain he saw that it was just one of many, part of a long mountain range that stretched far off beyond the horizon. His was a mere foothill compared to the others, and in the morning sun their whites peaks shined bright like daggers of ice.

Nin and the Ascetics

Despite his best efforts Nin could not fly, so he cursed the sky, and went to live among the moles. He found a patch of land dotted by mole hills, went up to the nearest one and stuck his head inside. “I admire your handiwork!” he shouted. “Will you take a rabbit as a disciple?”

Dead Rabbit Wisdom

Nin was hopping along one day when he came across a great black raven. The raven was sitting over the corpse of a rabbit, poking and prodding at it with his instruments. “What are you doing?” asked Nin. He was concerned to see the dead body of a brother desecrated so brazenly. “Why, I’m learning […]


Nin sat in the thicket without much to do, and without much on his mind. He was just about ready to turn in for an early evening when he heard the song of a nightingale pierce through the darkening night:

Buddha on the Road

A wise master lived on the far side of the forest. So early one morning Nin, hoping the master might take him as a student, set off on the winding, narrow road that lead through the woods to the master’s house.

Lone Mountain

There stood in the middle of a low valley a tall and noble mountain. This was a rogue mountain not part of any range or mountainous region. Its base was surrounded by rolling hills of sweet grass, its slopes were adorned by tall fir trees, its great icy tip pierced the heavens themselves.

The Wretched

Nin joined the great march to the east. There he walked among the old, the sick and the hungry. Rabbits of all castes and creeds and colours. It was a great mass moving as one, and in their hearts they were one. Their shared suffering had overridden all former divisions, now they all belonged to […]