2019 Plans

I thought I’d give an update on my plans going forward. This site was originally just going to be a dumping ground for various projects I didn’t really have any other place for, and also as a way to build some kind of portfolio.

But I’ve been having a lot of fun writing Nin the Seeker, and I’ve gotten a pretty good response as well, so I’m planning on continuing that series. Nin will update every Saturday for the duration of 2019. So there’s lots of Nin ahead! After that, who knows. I may continue the series, or dial back updates to work on other projects for the site. We’ll see when 2020 rolls around.

In the meantime I’ve upgraded my wordpress account. We’re now ad free and have our own domain, nintheseeker.com. If you like what I’ve been doing, or want to help offset my hosting costs, please consider buying me a coffee.

Well, that’s it! Happy seeking.

A little preview of things to come